Chinese from scratch!

Have you decided to learn Chinese? Your goal alone is certainly worthy of respect, since it is one of the oldest and most difficult languages. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by about 1,100 million people, while English, though more widely spread, is spoken by about 400 million.

Lingust will help you get started on your “Great Silk” path of learning Chinese for free. All you need is great Chinese patience, because the task in front of you is not an easy one.

Online lessons here will be your foundation for your future Chinese learning. The elementary course, originally created in China, is enhanced with auxiliary information and animations to make Chinese characters easier to remember.

The lessons are equipped with audio materials. There are also keys with answers under the exercises. In order to peep at an answer, hover over the key or press it with your finger (on mobiles): Key. Peeping at the answer is only allowed after you have completed the exercise. If there are any questions, you can ask them below the lesson in the form of a comment.

You need a great desire to learn Chinese, because it has nothing in common with Western languages, and you may quickly lose interest. In addition to incomprehensible characters, the tone system plays a special role. You will read about this later. To memorize the hieroglyphs you may need a notebook to write them the way you did it in school, or electronic gadgets, but more about that will be written in the lessons.

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The benefits of learning Chinese are huge. Whether you are student, an employee, a business owner, or someone who’s only planning their life, learning Chinese will open up a lot of great opportunities. China is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing economies. Knowing Chinese will give you a competitive advantage. Many people try to learn Chinese, however, few of them really speak the language and know the culture, be one of them.

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