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The English section of the website is different from the others. It includes the English course but not in English. Originally it was and is a popular course in Russian, “Right English”. Here you have a chance to try it in Spanish and in German.


El curso de inglés desde cero “Inglés correcto” está disponible en línea en español de forma gratuita.

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Der Englischkurs von Grund auf “Richtig Englisch” ist kostenlos auf Deutsch online verfügbar.

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– You. – Me? – Yes, you. If you can read this, please tell your Spanish or German friends who want to learn English about this course. They will thank you later.

My self-study course “Right English” is suited for everyone who can be self-reliant. If you are 4 years old but you can read, you are welcome! (kidding) One of the main features of the course is that it transitions you very smoothly from the first lesson where you have absolutely zero knowledge of the language to the 52nd lesson where you have become a competent student with a solid B1 level. You will learn all the main grammatical topics, know more than 2 thousand words, understand long dialogues by ear, write various sentences and talk, of course. That’s why the course is named “right”, because it takes into account all the aspects needed for a successful self-learning of the language. The audio recordings are also of high quality because they are performed by professional voice actors. Doing exercises are not difficult, they have special forms to input your text and also the keys with answers and translations. In order to see an answer, hover over the key: Key, or press it with your finger. It is advisable to peep at the key only after you have completed the exercise. If you have any questions, you may write them in the vk comments form below the lesson.

What English do we learn? British or American?

The right answer is both. I’d say we learn International English.

On one hand, by British English we mean the rules of pronunciation set many years ago. Almost no one speaks it these days, but everyone who is learning English aspires to it, including American actors. Most books contain standard (British) grammar and spelling of the words. And thus, it appears that everyone is learning British English either they want it or not. American grammar and spelling are just a little bit different, so that there is no point in looking for special American books.

On the other hand, British English includes a special intonation that no one really teaches and that is hard to get used to. These lessons don’t teach the British intonation as well. It turns out that no matter how hard we try, we will sound more like Americans, it’s just easy for our vocal apparatus. Although there is a special lesson about the English sounds that includes the classic British pronunciation, most of the lessons will have American audio practice. In general, the English is universal, you don’t need to look for odd reasons not to learn these or other lessons. Just learn! I guarantee you the quality!* (The author of the website)

* P.S. since my course is a translation, I can’t actually guarantee you that it is a perfect translation, but the English part wasn’t changed, so it means that I can guarantee the quality of the English part only, and you need to keep an eye on the translation part. If you find any misunderstandings, write them down in the comment form with as much details as possible and we’ll try to figure out if there’s a translation mistake, or it’s just you :-)

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