Russian from scratch!

Have you decided to learn Russian but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry anymore! You’re in the right place.

Lingust is a Russian language portal specialized in step-by-step online lessons. It’ll help you start learning Russian from scratch so that you don’t need any previous knowledge on the subject. The lessons are free to use. They are just waiting for you.

Here are 15 online lessons that contain information from the book "Just Listen 'n Learn Russian" by Halya Coynash, which purpose is to give you basic communication skills to express yourself and be understood in Russia. The course includes a lot of audio made in Russia with native Russian speakers. They will guide you through real conversations, you just need to listen and learn Russian by listening and repeating the exercises. There are writing exercises as well, not to mention a lot of reading. In order to peep at the answer of an exercise, just hover over the key: Key with your mouse or press it with your finger (on mobiles). You can also ask a question using the Facebook comment system below each lesson.

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You may also want to join the Russian society group in VK (more than 65000 Russians have already joined!), however, they will most probably not know your language, which is why the Facebook (click) group has just been launched to fill this gap.

Unfortunately, the Russian language is very difficult to learn not only by yourself but also with a teacher. It is mostly because of Russian grammar. That is why in these lessons the grammar is minimized. It will be easier to continue learning Russian, and grammar in particular, when you already know how to speak and what to say.

Thus, why should you learn Russian? Here are some reasons:

  • Russian is one of the languages into which international standards are translated (besides English and French);
  • A person knowing Russian can read a great number of classical works, not only in literature but also in science;
  • The Russian language is one of the most beautiful-sounding languages of the planet. You’ll see that when you start hearing it in the exercises;
  • The frequent use of diminutives is one of the favorite features that students mention while learning the language;
  • Russian is the language of everyday speech on the international space station (including English);
  • Finally, Russian is the language of the largest country on Earth.
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