The most frequently asked questions about learning foreign languages

About the website

Who or What is Lingust?

Lingust (stress on the first syllable) is a mythical creature that khows all foreign languages. Legend has it that those who meet Lingust instantaneously gain unprecedented knowledge about foreign languages. However, nobody has ever met it before... How does it look like?
Having left the instructions for learning foreign languages, it set out to explore the languages of other planets and, perhaps, will never come back... Those who will follow its instuctions will surely succeed in learning foreign languages.

About learning foreign languages

What level will I reach after I finish your course?

Usually, the levels are: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper-Intermediate), C1 (Advanced), C2 (Proficiency). All this is very relative, that’s why if some test shows you a certain level you like, don’t flatter yourself, it’s just a test.

The lessons on the website usually include A1-A2 levels. However, the English course includes B1.