About the author

Name: Sergei (Fox)

Education: 2 university degrees (IT + linguistics), Russia.

NSU: linguistics (intercultural communication)
ASTU: applied computer science (in economics)
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Before I became a certified linguist, I had been learning a lot on my own. This learning experience was used in creation of this website and the English course. I know what it means to learn independently, that is why I took the responsibility on myself to help the others in this challenging matter. Those who only know information technology don’t understand what regular people need. And those who know languages either don’t intend for regular folks to learn languages by themselves, or they just don’t know how to create a good website. To unite such people so that they can think in one direction is difficult and expensive. In our modern societies where survive only merchants, traders or just good liars, you won’t find anything better. You are welcome to use this website, just don’t forget to support it and share with your friends.

Happy learning of foreign languages!

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красный диплом

сертификат прохождения семестра зарубежом

Прохождение теста на уровень владения английским языком C2

Сертификат владения английским языком C2