Spanish from scratch!

Do you want to learn Spanish just for fun, or do you like how it sounds, or you cannot live without tv-series in Spanish? Or maybe you take dance lessons: salsa, bachata - and your teacher speaks Spanish and you cannot find a common tongue? Or you are crazy about Spanish music? Or macho? There could be a lot of reasons. But where to start?

Don’t you worry, Lingust knows how to start learning Spanish. Specially for beginners, the popular self-study book by Oskar Perlin (©) is waiting for you here, on the website. The course consists of 61 lessons. The main goal is to master the main rules of pronunciation and grammar, and to prepare you for reading Spanish literature all by yourself. The lessons start from the basics and end in pieces of literature by famous Spanish writers. For better consolidation of the study materials, there are special input forms for your answers and the keys with the correct answers. In order to peep at an answer, hover over the key or press it with your finger (on mobiles): Key. Peeping at the answer is only allowed after you have completed the exercise. If there are any questions, you can ask them below the lesson in the form of a comment.

The arrangement of the material and the way it is distributed in individual lessons provide an opportunity for you to successfully master the basics of the Spanish language.

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Knowledge of Spanish provides access to a rich body of fiction, which includes a number of well-known writers from Spain and Latin America.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that the Spanish language belongs to the leading group of languages of world significance. There are about 500 million people who speak the language (including those for whom Spanish is a second language). It is one of the official languages recognized by the United Nations.

Above all, Spanish is becoming more and more important in business environment, and the Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the U.S., indicating that language skills are becoming more and more necessary every year.

Learning Spanish is easy. Most of the words are similar to the English words. They are pronounced almost exactly as they are written, unlike, for example, French.

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